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Gracie Fields - A Hot Pot Party - Windyridge (VAR17)

Gracie Fields CD
Gracie Fields is remembered today as the singer of the song "Sally". In the earlier part of her career Gracie Fields was a top variety entertainer with a huge repertoire of comic songs. This CD includes many from those early years, sung in a broad Lancashire accent, as well as some of the later songs. Under-rated today for her earlier work, much of which has been unavailable for years, this CD should help to redress the balance.
Track Listing:
Mary Ellen's Hot Pot Party ; We're living at The Cloisters ; Our Avenue ; In the woodshed she said she would; Why does the hyena laugh?; Like the Big Pots do; Take a look at mine; Hot Pot; Would a Manx Cat wag its tail?; Scented Soap; Unlucky Number Thirteen; Stop and shop at the Co-op Shop; Singin' in the bathtub; You can't kill flies by scratching them; The clatter of the clogs ; Little pudden basin; The lovely aspidistra in the old art pot; Fred Fannakapan; The Bargain Hunter; Oh! sailor behave; The mocking bird went “Cuckoo”; When we all went to the Zoo; Heaven will protect an honest girl; What can you give a nudist on his birthday; In my little bottom drawer; The Biggest Aspidistra in the World - more track info . . .

A "live" performance by Gracie Fields is available on VAR14 "Variety Live!"

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Listen to part of a sample track - Gracie Fields - Mary Ellen's Hotpot Party

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