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Albert Whelan
The Whistling Boy - (VAR16)

Albert Whelan, the famous Australian Entertainer, had a long and successful career, which lasted from the early days of the 20th century, right up to his death in 1961. In his act Albert dressed immaculately, and was the first person to use a signature tune, which he whistled at the start and end of his performance. As well as his own songs, Albert Whelan was an excellent mimic, and this coupled with the ability to update his act lead to a long recording career. The songs here include some of Albert Whelan's best known as well as popular tunes of the 1930s.

Track Listing

The Three Trees
The Preacher and the Bear
Didn't I
No one but You knows how to Love
You can't understand the Ladies
The Whistling boy
It's an old Spanish Custom
Sweet Carolina
Over the Garden Wall
She can't make up her mind
Oh-Oh-Oh! What a silly place to kiss a girl
There's a good time coming
Around the corner
I lost my gal again
Topsy turvy talk
Come and have a Cuddle on the Common
Lizzie come in and shut that door
I'm happy when I&apos
m hiking
My brother makes the noises for the talkies
Never have a Bath 'till you need one
His Old Top Hat
They all start whistling Mary
The Farmyard Cabaret
She's only been with us a week
Whistling: 'The Jolly Brothers'
Pass, Shoot, Goal

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Horn Gram
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You can't understand the Ladies

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