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Gillie Potter
Heard at Hogsnorton - (VAR15)

Gillie Potter was very popular for his radio broadcasts during the early 1930s with his famous opening line: 'Good Evening England, this is Gillie Potter speaking to you in English' which mocked the then pomposity of the BBC. An educated man, his humour requires an educated audience for its full appreciation. This CD contains all of Gillie Potter's published recordings together with an advertising disc which he made for "University Motors".

Track Listing

With Spaghetti to Italy
Mr Potter visits Southend
Mr Potter has a Brother
Mr Potter's Sporting Broadcast
Mr Potter waxes Historical
Mr Potter Wanders On
Heard at Hogsnorton: The Truth about the BBC
Heard at Hogsnorton: The Truth about Society
Heard at Hogsnorton: The Truth about Russia
You know and all that.

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Horn Gram
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The Truth about the BBC

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