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Variety - "Live!" - (VAR14)

Windyridge CD
This CD gathers together some fine location recordings. Opening with Gracie Fields 1935 performance at the Holborn Empire, the CD also includes live recordings of Frank Randle and Tommy Trinder. Excerpts from two Royal Variety Performances show some of the changes between 1935 and 1952, both in performance and choice of Artist - it is interesting to compare Gracie's 1935 rendition of "Sally" with that of 17 years later. Great performances by timeless artists.
Track Listing:
Gracie Fields at the Holborn Empire- There's a Cabin in the Pines; Whiskers and all; Punch and Judy Show; Rochdale Hounds; A May morning; Out in the cold, cold snow; I can't remember; Sally; Stormy Weather; Final
Stanley Holloway introduces excerpts from the Royal Variety Performance 1935
Alice Leamar: Her golden hair was hanging down her back; Arthur Reece: Sons of the Sea; Kate Carney: Are we to part like this Bill? Three pots a shilling Gus Elen: Down the Road Florrie Forde: Down at the Old Bull and Bush; Pack up your troubles Harry Champion: Boiled Beef and Carrots; Any old Iron Company: Here's a health unto His Majesty; Round about Regent Street
A Smoking Concert at The Kingsway Hall, London George Jackley: Only a bird in a gilded cage; Leslie Sarony: You can do a lot of things at the seaside Company: Soldiers Chorus Clarice Mayne: Bit of a ruin Cromwell knocked about a bit Gus Elen: It's a great big shame Company: Excelsior; Tom Leamore: Percy from Pimlico; Company: Don't ask me to sing Home Sweet Home; Wotcha my old brown son; Let's all go down the Strand
Frank Randle at The Feldman Theatre, Blackpool: The Old Hiker
Tommy Trinder at The Embassy Theatre: Tommy introduces Mr Chumley, then bursts into song: You lucky people; Tommy lets you into a few "Pilgrim Family" secrets; For a change, Tommy picks one from the "Classics" and recites; 'S Art' noon
Excerpts from the Royal Variety Performance 1952 Jack Jackson: Let's all go down the Strand; Reg Dixon: I'm shy Mary Ellen, I'm shy; Vera Lynn: Let the great big World keep on turning Maurice Chevalier: Louise; Gracie Fields: Sally; Company: Soldiers of the Queen
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Boiled Beef and Carrots

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