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At The Welsh Music Hall (CDR83)

Tom Woottwell CD
This CD highlights Wales contribution to the British Music Hall. Artistes include pierrot Tom Owen, vocalist David Brazell and Top Stars Ted and May Hopkins. 24 tracks dated from 1904 to 1934.
Track Listing:
David Brazell:- Rhyfelgyrch Gwyr Harlech
David Brazell:- The John Bull Store
Tom Owen:- The Welshman
Tom Owen:- Meat
Tom Owen:- Archie Bald
Tom Owen:- Simple Simon
Alf Thomas:- The Postman
Alf Thomas:- Jenny Morgan
Tom Jones:- Maid of Aberystwth
Tom Jones:- The Welshman in London
Tom Jones:- David Evans
Tom Jones:- Jenny Jones
Tom Jones:- Welshman in London
Tom Jones:- The Taff Vale Porter
May Hopkins:- The Cottage on the Hill
Ted Hopkins:- Girls
Ted and May Hopkins:- The Squire
Ted and May Hopkins:- A Welsh Courtship
May Hopkins:- The Old Maid
May Hopkins:- Welsh Servant Girl
Ted Hopkins:- Treochy Fair
Ted and May Hopkins:- A Welsh Courtship
Ted and May Hopkins:- The Urban District Council
Ted Hopkins:- The Harrier

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Listen to part of a sample track - Ted Hopkins sings: Girls

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