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W H Berry
Our Beano (CDR84)

William Henry Berry started his career as a concert artist, but was soon appearing on the Halls as well as making both cylinder and disc recordings. He is remembered today for his parts in many musical comedies which formed the later part of his career.

Track Listing

The World went very well then
Oh! Will He
When the Heart was Young
That Cat
I want to be a Lady
Man by One that loathes Him
Captivating Cora
Our 'ouse is our own
I fished all Day
The Channel Swim
Mr Tootle
Our Beano
The Bassoon
I'm a self made man (The Cocoa King)
I could love a nice little Girl
It's wonderful how Trouble clings to Me
I want to go to bye bye
When the Heart is young
It must be very trying to be mad
What are the Wild Waves saying
Breakfast in Bed
Ninepence a Week
Not Old enough to be Old

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I'm a Self Made Man

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