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Tom Woottwell
Wait a Minute (CDR82)

Tom Woottwell - Double U, Double Ho, Double You, Single He, Double Ell, was known as the Loose legged Comedian. Composing many of his own songs, they shine a spotlight on the life and humour of the day, back in the early 1900s.

Track Listing

Hello Old Dear
Happy Convict
The Little Shirt my Mother made for Me
I ought to be punished
Up came John
My Reputation
Blowed if I didn't wake up
Wait a minute
Anything to sell my Papers
What do I want with a Man?
Little Boy Blue
How Dare They?
If I tell Yer!
Hunger Strike
The Plumber
Only a Man
His Repertoire recorded by other Artistes
That's how I diddle 'em (W H Berry)
Up came Johnny with his Camera (SH Dudley)
What did I do? (Johnny Wakefield)

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The Plumber

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