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Nat D. Ayer - Shufflin' Along (CDR81)

Nat D Ayer CD
Nat D. Ayer was an American songwriter, singer and pianist who moved to England in 1911 and stayed. Remembered today as the composer of the evergreen If You were the Only Girl in the World he was known at the time as The Man who set the World Singing and Dancing. On this CD he sings and plays many of his own compositions including a medley of his most famous songs.
Track Listing:
Nat Ayer Memories:
If you were the only girl in the World;
Oh You Beautiful Doll;
You’re my Baby;
If You talk in your sleep;
Moving Day in Jungletown;
Another little Drink;
Let the Great Big World keep turning;
Widows are Wonderful;
I like to dance with the Girls;
Harem Song;
Flappers’ Parade;
Since Chumley came back from London Town;
The Clock Song;
Come round London with me;
I’m a Musical Comedy Business Man;
You’ve got to do it (with Louise Leigh);
Never let your Right Hand know;
My Baby Soldier Boy;
Take me back to Bingville;
Southern Home;
Ain’t ya coming back, Mary Ann;
Dixie Wedding Bells;
She was wonderful;
I never knew;
Coal Black Mammy;
Ain’t we got Fun;
Down Yonder;
Shufflin’ Along;

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Listen to part of a sample track - I'm a Musical Comedy Business Man

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