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Siffleurs' Souffle - The Art of Whistling (CDR76)

Siffleurs Souffle CD
At one time, whistling popular tunes in the street was very common, but today it is infrequently heard. The whistlers on this CD acquired a much higher stanndard than the average street whistler. Popular from the late 1800s, professional whistlers amazed their audiences with their dexterity and range. Restored from recordings dating from 1901 to 1956, this CD includes both feats of whistling and songs about whistling.
Track Listing:
Sylvia Watt: If You can’t Sing, Whistle
Burt Shepard: My Whistling Gal
S H Dudley: Whistling from Floradora
Fred Lay: The Penny Whistler
Wilson Hallett: The Whistling Family
Albert Whelan: The Whistling Bowery Boy
Guido Gialdini: Will You be my Little Cousin?
Frank Stafford: The Mocking Bird
Charles Capper: Nymphs and Shepherds
Charles Capper: Cherry Ripe
Charles Capper: Bid Me Discourse
Guido Gialdini: La Petite Tonkinoise
Guido Gialdini: La Mattchiche
Edward Lynton: Students’ Revels
Charles Capper: Il Bacio
Miss F Berens: Jewel Song from Faust
Bert Marsden: Whistling Coster Boy
Sybil Fagan: April Sighs
Ronald Gourlay: The Birdseed Polka
Edward Avis: The Nightingale’s Trill
Pryor’s Band : The Whistler and His Dog
Ronald Gourlay: A Woodland Romance
Fred Lowery: William Tell Overture
Fred Lowery: Whispering
Ronnie Ronalde: In a Monastery Garden
Ronnie Ronalde: The Happy Whistler

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Listen to part of a sample track - Charles Capper - Nymphs and Shepherds

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