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Jack Charman  CD

Jack Charman
The Matrimonial Handicap (CDR77)

Jack Charman is remembered today amongst record collectors as a "cover" artist who recorded other peoples' songs on account of his strong voice which suited early recording methods. As well as his recordings, he was a successful Music Hall artist in his own right, initially being helped by Chirgwin in establishing his career. All tracks on this album restored from Edison phonograph cylinders

Track Listing

What a Friend! What a Sport!
That's as far as I want to go!
Father went down to Southend
She only started Giggling
I'm on my Honeymoon
Off I went to the Doctor
The Wibbly Wobbly Walk
The Ragtime Yokel
The Burglar Rag
In Gay Paree
In the Island of Go-as-you-please
All the Girls are lovely by the Seaside
The Matrimonial Handicap
My Girl from the Emerald Isle
Take me in a Taxi, Joe
What a game it is, Wow, Wow!
Whoops! Let's do it again
R-r-r-rip that Melody
Just as the Sun goes down
What Cher! My Old Brown Son

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The Matrimonial Handicap

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