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Clarice Mayne - Give Me A Little Cosy Corner (CDR75)

Ada Jones CD
Clarice Mayne appeared on stage with her partner (later husband), who she called " That." Famed for a string of popular songs, including "Joshu-ah", and "A Broken Doll", she was also successful in pantomime, being famed for her legs and her deportment.
Track Listing:
Clarice Mayne Medley:
Cosy Corner; Put on Your Ta-ta, little girlie;
Come over the Garden Wall; Broken Doll; Joshua

Clarice Mayne Medley:
Good little girl; Come and cuddle me; Iím in love; Jingle Johnnie
The Songs of Clarice Mayne:
Evíry little while; Joshua; Iíve got my eye on you;
Come and cuddle me; Will he answer ďgoo-gooĒ;
Itís luvly to be in love; Georgie took me walking in the park

Mr & Mrs Smith
Nursey Nursey
Jenny McGregor
Come over the garden wall
Iíve got my eye on you
Will you promenade with me?
A broken Doll
I was a good little girl till I met you
Itís lovely to be in love
Come and cuddle me
Every little while
I want to go back to London Town
Give me a little cosy corner
Once in a while
I want a great big kiss

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Give Me A Little Cosy Corner

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