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Fred Barnes & J W Rickaby - Prince and The Big Dry (CDR74)

Fred Barnes & J W Rickaby CD
Two top artistes are featured on this CD. J W Rickaby had a long and successful career which encompassed Music Hall and Revue. Fred Barnes initially modelled his act on that of George Lashwood, but he soon adopted his own style. He was the originator of the song "Give me the Moonlight, Give me the Girl."
Track Listing:
J W Rickaby
First I went and won the D.C.M.
Iím the Biggest Guy on Broadway
Iím always thinking of Her
Major General Worthington
Okey de Poke
The Shriek of Palestine
Iím an Airman
The Mountaineer
Three Meals a day
Don Alfonso
Oh Pola Nicoli
Iím a Bad Man from Buffalo
Fred Barnes
The Black Sheep of the Family
My Boating Girl
Samoa! Samoa! Some More!
If the Angels knew how I long for Alabam
Whatís the Matter with London?
Thereís a Friend in evíry Milestone
The worse You are the more the Ladies like You
From Me to Mandy Lee
Sally (The Sunshine of Our Alley)
Give me a Million Beautiful Girls
Give me the Moonlight, give me the Girl/
The Black Sheep of the Family

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - First I went and won the DCM

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