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Margaret Cooper - Dingle Dongle Dell - (CDR60)

Margaret Cooper CD
Margaret Cooper was an "Entertainer at the Piano" but this description gives little away about her massive popularity during the early years of the twentieth century. In the singing of light humourous songs, she was unsurpassed. Her publicity described her as The Lady Corney Grain, Corney Grain being a Victorian piano entertainer, and she led the way for other artists such as Barclay Gammon and Harry Fragson. A full CD of 24 tracks.
Track Listing:
Under the Um-ber-el-la; Little Princess,Look-Up
In the Maytime; Cheero; Ma Dusky Maid
Love is meant to make us glad; Dingle Dongle Dell
Hullo Tu Tu; Heaps oí Lickins; Agatha Green
Catch Me!; Let us waltz round together
Plumstones; Come to Town Miss Brown
Dreamland; Whatís it got to do with you
Peter; Visitors; Inquisitive Ann
I donít seem to want you when youíre with me
Bonjour Marie; Come down to Brighton
The Fox Trot Hop; Motherís Darling

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Hullo Tu Tu

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