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Tom Foy - Donkey and Me - (CDR59)

Tom Foy CD
Tom Foy is famous for his whimsical style of North Country Humour.
Famed as "The Yorkshire Lad" he made a particular name for himself in sketches such as "First Time that I come up to London" and "Tom Foy and his Donkey" and as a pantomime dame. Interesting today for their social history as much as the humour, his recordings span the period 1911 - 1916. A full CD of 23 tracks.
Track Listing:
My Girl's promised to marry Me; Much obliged to Me
Courting; Donkey and Me
The Fool of the Family; Scouting
If We live to be Ninety Nine; Amateur Theatricals
My Bunker Bump; Nearly Wedded
Nineteen Bright Pounds; I've had some Money left Me
Live and Learn; First Time that I come up to London
I've been to America; My Aunt Martha Ann
Wales and Wales and Weals; Our Straits Canal
Ah'm disguised; My farewell to Sarby Brig
Ah've had t' nose pulled; All through t'Black Horse
Getting my Temper up

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - First Time that I come up to London

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