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Tom Foy
Donkey and Me - (CDR59)

Tom Foy is famous for his whimsical style of North Country Humour.
Famed as "The Yorkshire Lad" he made a particular name for himself in sketches such as "First Time that I come up to London" and "Tom Foy and his Donkey" and as a pantomime dame. Interesting today for their social history as much as the humour, his recordings span the period 1911 - 1916. A full CD of 23 tracks.

Track Listing

My Girl's promised to marry Me
Much obliged to Me
Donkey and Me
The Fool of the Family
If We live to be Ninety Nine
Amateur Theatricals
My Bunker Bump
Nearly Wedded
Nineteen Bright Pounds
I've had some Money left Me
Live and Learn
First Time that I come up to London
I've been to America
My Aunt Martha Ann
Wales and Wales and Weals
Our Straits Canal
Ah'm disguised
My farewell to Sarby Brig
Ah've had t' nose pulled
All through t'Black Horse
Getting my Temper up

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Horn Gram
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First Time that I come up to London

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