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Ladies in the Limelight (CDR58)

Ladies in the Limelight CD
A feast of stars for those who love the Ladies of the Music Hall.
All newly restored from the original recordings, Ladies in the Limelight includes no less than ten tracks by Vesta Victoria, plus six of Marie Lloyd's rarest Pathe recordings from 1904. Kate Carney brings her Coster personality to the proceedings, whilst Vesta Tilley is still "The Idol of the Girls". Alice Lloyd and Victoria Monks complete the star studded bill.
28 great tracks from 1903 - 1913.
Track Listing:
Vesta Tilley: When the Right Girl comes along; Following a Fellow with a Face like Me
I'm the Idol of the Girls; Give It to Father; The Maiden's Sea Trip; When a Fellow's in Love
Victoria Monks: I do feel so Lonely; Enjoy Yourself
Vesta Victoria He calls Me his Own Grace Darling; Father, Mother and the Apple;
The Turkey Girl; Man, Man, Man; Billy Green; Poor John; Carlo;
What's good enough for Father; His Lordship - My Old Man; Mary Ann, Come in
Kate Carney: All your Pals may leave You; If You can't do no good, Don't do no harm
Alice Lloyd: Young Men Lodgers; Never introduce your Bloke to your Lady Friends
Marie Lloyd: What, What; Actions; When the Leaves began to fall
The Coster Christening; The Coster's wedding; The Tail of a Skirt

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - He calls Me his Own Grace Darling

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