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Norah Blaney & Gwen Farrar  CD

Norah Blaney & Gwen Farrar
Queen of the Oojah Isles - (CDR54)

Both Norah Blaney and Gwen Farrar were classically trained musicians. They met at a concert party during the Great War and soon began a partnership featuring Nora Blaney on piano and Gwen Farrar on cello plus a flow of repartee. They had four years on the Halls and then during the early 1920s went on to appear in revue. Although issued here as a Music Hall CD, due to the acoustic recording process, the genre of the songs is much more aligned to the later Revue and Variety style of performance.

After they split up, Gwen Farrar went on to make recordings with pianist Billy Mayerl.
(see Billy Mayerl and Gwen Farrar VAR61)

Track Listing

Queen of the Oojah Isles;
Weep no more (My Mammy);
I ain't Nobody's Darling; Second-Hand Rose;
Nobody lied; My Cello man;
Runnin' Wild (An Ebony Jazz Tune);
That Lazy Melody;
Percy's Posh Plus-Fours are priceless;
Who tied the Can on the Old Dog's Tail;
Shall I have it bobbed or shingled;
All alone; I can't get the One I want;
Ain't gonna Rain no mo'; Honest and Truly;
Cousin Clara's crazy over Crosswords;
You forgot to remember;
As long as He loves Me; Ukelele Lady;
We're gonna have Weather (Whether or Not);
What Angeline says, goes;
The Moon is low; Maybe I'm wrong again;
Another One gone; Old Favourites (Parts 1 and 2)

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Horn Gram
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Ukulele Lady

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