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Royal Command Performance 1912 - (CDR53)

Royal Command Performance 1912 CD
In 1912, Music Hall gained further respectability with the mounting of the first Royal Variety Performance. This event was correctly called the Royal Command Performance, and although the current annual shows are no longer by Royal Command, this name has persisted to this day.

The first Royal Variety Performance was held at the Palace Theatre on the 1st. July 1912. A lavish event by any standards, the hall was decked with flowers and the event attended by many Royal personages. Top line artistes were on hand to provide the Entertainment.

No recording of the Royal Command Performance was technically possible at the time, and so this CD cleverly combines contemporary recordings of those performing on the night in their order of appearance.

Further notes on the choice of recordings are given with the CD.

Track Listing:
1) Band: - God Save The King (Instrumental)
2) Alexander Mackenzie: - Overture Britannia
3) Barclay Gammon: - Some Notes at an “At Home”
4) Chirgwin: - London
5) Fanny Fields: - When Schultz fights the Drum
6) Florrie Forde: - By the Side of the Zeider Zee
7) Harry Tate: - Motoring
8) Ida Crisp & Robert Hale: - Everybody’s Doing It
9) Vesta Tilley: - Algy, the Piccadilly Johnnie
10) Little Tich: - The Gamekeeper
11) Arthur Prince & Jim: - Insubordination
12) Herman Finck: - Melodious Memories
13) Alfred Lester: - The Village Fire Brigade
14) Clarice Mayne: - Josh-ua
15) George Robey: - Mayor of Mudcumdyke
16) Wilkie Bard: - The Night Watchman
17) Marie Hall: - Le Cygne (Danced by Anna Pavlova)
18) Herman Finck: - Pirouette (Dedicated to Anna Pavlova)
19) Harry Lauder: - Roamin’ in the Gloamin’
20) Yvette Guilbert: - Dites Moi si Je suis Belle
21) Vesta Tilley: - Jolly Good Luck to the Girl that loves a Soldier
22) Harry Claff: - A Word from Harry Claff
23) Solo and Chorus: - God Save The King (Vocal)

- more track info . . .

Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Roamin' in the Gloamin'

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Here is the Programme as performed on the Night:

1912 amendedprogramme

Here is the Programme as printed:

1912 printed programme

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