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Billy Mayerl & Gwen Farrar NAME
Masculine Women! & Feminine Men! (VAR61)

Gwen Farrar was a classically trained cellist who first came to fame with her partner Norah Blaney in the early 1920s
(see Norah Blaney and Gwen Farrar CDR54).
After their act split up she teamed up for a short time with the pianist Billy Mayerl and made a number of now scarce recordings for the Vocalion Company during the late 1920s. These and other later recordings are included on this CD.

Track Listing

Masculine Women! Feminine Men!; I'm always just a little Bit not Right;
I'm lonely without You;
Can't your Friend find a Friend for Me?;
In my Gondola;
Want a little Lovin';
I'm a little Blackbird looking for a Bluebird;
An Instrumental Excerpt;
Two Ton Tessie;
You flew away from the Nest;
Sitting Around;
Drink to me only with Thine Eyes; I think of You;
It don't do nothing but Rain;
Old Fashioned Girls;
Dreamy Honolulu;
We can't blame the Bobbies for that;
I may be wrong but I think You're wonderful;
Sunshine and Rain

Bonus Tracks:

In Egypt;
Sweet Nothings (Billy Mayerl Piano Solo);
Jasmine (Billy Mayerl Piano Solo)

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Masculine Women & Feminine Men

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