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From the Footlights (CDR32)

From the Footlights CD
This CD features a number of top line music hall entertainers, including the Lancashire Lad, Morny Cash. Harry Fragson starts the proceedings with his famous song "Hello! Hello! Who’s Your Lady Friend". Now remembered for the chorus, the words of the verses, here sung to Fragson's piano accompaniment are great fun and bear careful listening. Vesta Tilley, the London Idol, brings her male impersonation to a number of characters, including "Algy, the Piccadilly Johnny with the Little Glass Eye" where the early cylinder recording captures her at her best. Morny Cash, had a similar style to George Formby Snr. and Jack Pleasants. Here he sings six of his cheerful songs. Vesta Victoria adds to her repertoire with 4 songs including the great "Look what Percy’s picked up in the Park". Tom Wootwell is up to no good on "Wait a minute" where various scams are unfolded. George Brooks and Herbert Campbell take us right back to the early days of music hall recordings, whilst Barclay Gammon gives us "The Suffragettes Anthem" from 1910. Fred Earle completes the CD with two more witty songs.
Track Listing:
Harry Fragson: Hello! Hello! Who’s Your Lady Friend, Ladies Beware, Oh! I say, In Gay Paree Vesta Tilley: Royal Artillery, I’m a Batchelor, Algy (The Piccadilly Johnny with the Little Glass Eye), Oh! Let the Stormy Winds Blow
Morny Cash: I’ve been married a year today, I will have a night tonight, My Ninepence, Hooray I’m going to be married today, From 21 to 63, Come to Your Daddy
Vesta Victoria: The Gramophone Song, Arcadee, Look what Percy’s picked up in the Park, It’s easy to be a Lady
Tom Woottwell: Wait a Minute, How Dare They, Interruptions
Fred Earle: John John John, Ain’t it ‘ot
George Brooks: And his Day’s Work was done
Barclay Gammon: Suffragettes’ Anthem
Herbert Campbell: Up I came with my little Lot
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Look what Percy’s picked up in the Park

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