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Bransby Williams - The Stage Door Keeper (CDR31)

Bransby Williams CD
Known as "The Hamlet of the Halls", Bransby Williams had a long and distinguished career. Today Bransby Williams is mainly remembered for his portrayal of various characters from the novels of Dickens which he performed well into the television age. In his performances on the Halls, his specialism was as a quick change artist and mimic. A fine example of this is given in "The Stage Door Keeper" where Bransby uses the storyline to introduce a superb variety of artistes. Also included is the classic rendering of Milton Hayes "The Green Eye of the Yellow God". As an aside, "The Caretaker" contains the first mention of "Jack the Ripper" on a recording, which coming only 24 years after the murders, would surely be thought controversial today. A fascinating insight into another side of the entertainment of the Music Hall.
Track Listing:
Green Eye of the Yellow God, Devil may care, Sydney Carton's Farewell ("A Tale of Two Cities"), How we saved the Barge, The Street Watchman, The Same Old Game, Micawber's Advice to David Copperfield, Tony Weller ("Pickwick Papers"), Bill Sykes ("Oliver Twist"), The Plumber, Spotty, The Stage Doorkeeper, The Yukon Trail, The Lounger, The Coward, The Caretaker, Charge of the Light Brigade, Henry V Speech at Harfleur, The Difference, Not Old, Death of little Nell ("The Old Curiosity Shop"), An Old Bachelor
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Listen to part of a sample track - The Green Eye of the Yellow God

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