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Sam Mayo - I'm Going to Sing a Song (CDR33)

Sam Mayo CD
Sam Mayo, billed as "The Immobile One" performed his songs whilst remaining motionless on stage. Sam Mayo's songs are quite different from the normal run of music hall performances. With titles such as Things are worse in Russia and I feel very bad I do this may not be a recipe for optimism. However, loved by audiences then, and nowadays something of a cult figure, Sam Mayo brings the unexpected to his lyrics.
Who could resist being told (in his song The Chinaman) "This song is ridiculous, the worse that's in the land, but it's marvellous the trash that the public stands."
Track Listing:
Johnny; Doh, Re, Me; The Chinaman; The Town Crier; Tally Ho !; I’m going to Sing a Song; I ran straight Home with the News; I’ll prove that I was right; I played my Concertina; I feel very bad I do; Ha Ha; The Night began to fall; Bread and Marmalade; The Trumpet Song; The Widow Song; I’ve only come down for the Day; I was having my Breakfast in Bed; Things are worse in Russia; Put that Gramophone Record on again; Rabbit and Pickled Pork;The Chinaman (Alternative Recording)
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - I played my Concertina

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