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Tom Clare - The Fine Old English Gentleman (CDR30)

Tom Clare CD
Tom Clare, famous for "Songs at the Piano", sang topical songs which are full of social comment. From the opening track taken from a 1906 cylinder to the final recording from 1926 there is always plentyof interest. The early tracks have the carefree atmosphere of the Edwardian days, but these move onto the black humour of such songs as "What did you do in the Great War Daddy?"

Tom Clare's classic monologues of "Winkelheimer’s Motor Ride" and "Tom Clare’s version of The Telephone" are also included.

Track Listing:
The Girl in the Big Black Hat; A Fishy, Fishy Story; Hush-a-Bye Baby; Waltzing Willie; Once the Kaiser’s Army; Silly Ass; Women’s Way; The Gay River; We’ll sigh for the Days of the War; What did you do in the Great War, Daddy?; Captain Cutts of the Cruiser “What Not”; On the day when the world goes dry; The Argentines, the Portuguese, and the Greeks; Hum a little tune; The Fine Old English Gentleman; It isn’t done; This Freedon (My Wife is away); One little one more; Where does Daddy go?; At home, I’m my wife’s husband, but when I’m away I’m “Me” Monologues: Winkelheimer’s Motor Ride; Tom Clare’s version of The Telephone
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - What did you do in the Great War Daddy?

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