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Costers & Cockneys (CDR15)

Costers & Cockneys CD
A compilation of some of the most famous coster and cockney singers. Cockneys, as popularly defined, were born within the sound of Bow Bells. However the sound of Cockney speech spread around London way beyond this narrow definition. Albert Chevalier, known as "The Coster's Laureate" had studied his subject in the streets and as a character actor produced some of the best loved songs of this genre including "My old Dutch" and "The Future Mrs. Hawkins". Sadly Kate Carney, the coster comedienne, recorded very few songs, but we are pleased to include three on this CD. Gus Elen is featured with five songs including the rare "If I were King of England" and alternative versions from CDR2 of "The Golden Dustman" and "E dunno where E are." If you have never heard Fred Earle, then you are in for a treat. The son of songwriter Joseph Tabrar, his characterisations are hilarious and generally suggestive. The CD contains 22 Tracks, being recorded between 1898 and 1935.
Track Listing:
Albert Chevalier: My Old Dutch, Our Little Nipper, The Future Mrs. Hawkins (Two different version including his first ever recording of 1898), The Fallen Star, Wot ver do Ee luv Oi?, Whats the good of Anyfink? or A Cockney Complaint, E cant take a Roise out of Oi,
Fred Earle: I dont care what becomes of me, Thats as far as I can go ,
Meat, Meat, Meat, In the Morning,
Gus Elen: If I were King of England, Arf a Pint of Ale, The Pavement Artist,
The Golden Dustman, E dunno where E are,
Kate Carney: Are we to part like this, Bill?, Ten Days Leave, Three Pots a Shilling,
Duncan & Godfrey: The Costers Courtship,
Charles Russell: The Coster Politician, - more track info . . .

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Listen to part of a sample track - My Old Dutch

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