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Nellie Wallace & Maidie Scott
Mother's Advice (CDR16)

Nellie Wallace was billed as 'The Essence of Eccentricity'. The CD contains all her issued recordings. Her character was of an eccentric spinster with appalling dress sense. She had a wide repertoire of excellent songs. These include the famous 'Under the bed' where our hero searches in vain for a man under the bed, and the risque 'Three times a day'. In addition to Nellie Wallace, the CD features the demure Maidie Scott (shown here on the CD cover) who specialised in the 'musical monologue'. The songs all tell a story, often with a twist at the end. The CD contains 22 Tracks, being recorded between 1912 and 1936.

Track Listing

Nellie Wallace: Meet Me (The Sniff Song)
Three Cheers for the Red White & Blue
Half Past Nine
Under the Bed
Tally Ho! Cuckoo
Mother's Pie Crust
The Blasted Oak
Three Times a Day
Let's have a Tiddley at the Milk Bar
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Maidie Scott: If the Managers Only Thought
the Same as Mother
If the Wind had only Blown the Other Way
Father's Got a Job
The School Strike (We all came out on Strike)
Father got the Sack from the Waterworks
I'm glad I took my Mother's Advice
The Bird on Nellie's Hat
Since Father joined the Home Defence
Two Little Boys and the Apples
Being a Lady-I can't

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Under the Bed

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