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Music Hall Medleys - (CDR14)

By popular demand, a Music Hall "Greatest Hits" CD. Over 70 different old songs on this CD featuring the most popular repertoire of nine different original Artists. If you are new to Music Hall then this CD can be recommended as an introduction to many of the famous songs and artists. If you already love Music Hall then you will enjoy the atmosphere of these selections, some with spoken introductions by the artists. Dating from a period of Music Hall revival, all the performances were captured by electrical recording, thus giving a wider frequency range and reduced surface noise than many of the earlier discs. The CD contains 9 different medleys, being recorded between 1929 and 1933.

Track Listing

Tom Costello in Song Memories: I've made up my mind; The ship I love; Comrades;At Trinity Church I met my doom
Florrie Forde Old Time Medley: She's a lassie from Lancashire; Girls study your cookery book; Hello, Who's your lady friend; Susannah's long stocking; Down at the old Bull & Bush; Long way to Tipperary; Has anyone here seen Kelly? Hold your hand out naughty boy; Flanagan; Oh Oh Antonio; Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
The Popular Songs of Billy Merson: The Lighthouse Keeper; The Spaniard that blighted my life The Days when Knights were bold; I'm going away
Ella Retford Songs Medley: Ship Ahoy; Molly O'Morgan; Take me back to dear Old Blighty; Has anyone seen a German band; Hey ho can't you hear the steamer; Irish and proud of it too
Harry Champion Old Time Medley: I'm 'Enery the eighth; Cover it over quick Jemima; End of my old cigar Old Red Lion; The best that money can buy; Boiled beef and carrots
Vesta Victoria Old Time Medley: Waiting at the Church; He calls me his own Grace Darling; It's alright in the Summertime; Now I have to call him Father; Poor John; Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow
Wilkie Bard Medley: I want to sing in Opera; Let me sing; I can't reach that top note; O,O, Capital O;Waiting here for Kate; My little deitcher girl; She sells sea shells; She cost me seven and sixpence; Chrysanthemums; Truly Rural; When the bugle calls; Don't play In the Shadows
Harry Lauder Medley: I love a lassie; Saftest o' the Family; Stop yer ticklin' Jock; Waggle o' the kilt; It's nicer to be in bed; Keep right on to the end of the road; She is ma Daisy; We parted on the shore; Roamin' in the gloamin'; I've something in the bottle for the morning; Wedding of Sandy McNab; Lass of Killiecrankie; Wee Deoch and Doris
Selection of the Songs of Clarice Mayne: I was a good little girl 'till I met you; Nursie Nursie; Put on your ta-ta little girlie; Give me a cosy corner; Every little while; Joshua; A broken doll; I've got my eye on you; Come and cuddle me; It's luvly to be in love; Will he answer goo-goo; Georgie took me walking in the park

Please note that as these are medleys, each song is necessarily short and may not include all the verses.

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