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Robb Wilton & John Tilley CD

Robb Wilton & John Tilley
I should say so! - (VAR8)

Robb Wilton, who often played the part of a bumbling official, is best remembered for his sketch The Home Guard and the immortal line "The Day War broke out". ere he is featured, accompanied by his wife in a sequence of his famous performances.

John Tilley was a popular broadcaster and revue artist who enjoyed a brief period of popularity before his early death in 1935.
The Loch Ness Monster and The Scoutmaster are amongst his classics.

Track Listing

Robb Wilton: Goodnight
I should say so
The Fire Station
The Police Station
The Home Guard
The Munition Worker
John Tilley: The Company Promoter
The Anti-arson Squad
London Transport Board
Maudie the Racehorse
The Loch Ness Monster
The Scoutmaster
The Mayor

Thank you so much Mrs Lowsborough-Goodby

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Horn Gram
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Robb Wilton - The Home Guard

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