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Will Fyffe - I belong to Glasgow (VAR7)

Will Fyffe CD
Will Fyffe, famous for his song, I belong to Glasgow , also invented many fine character studies, including Dr McGregor, The Gamekeeper, The Railway Guard, and others which are featured on this CD. The village idiot Daft Sandy was one of his most popular characters; the drama critic James Agate referred to this as “a masterpiece of tragi-comedy”. Will Fyffe had the ability to create a character and then seem to actually be the character for he studied each type at first hand. According to Mr Macqueen-Pope, Will Fyffe was a man of great honesty and integrity, and this comes across in his songs when heard today.

23 Tracks, electrically recorded between 1927 and 1939.

Track Listing:
I belong to Glasgow, Down in the quarry where the bluebells grow, Dr McGregor, The Centenarian, The Gamekeeper, Sailing up the Clyde, Ye can come and see the Baby, She was the Belle of the Ball, Sheila McKay, Twelve and a Tanner a Bottle, The train that's taking you home, I’m 94 today, McPherson’s Wedding Breakfast, The Railway Guard, The spirit of a man from Aberdeen, The waddin’ O’ Mary Maclean, Ah’m feared for Mrs. McKie, Uncle Mac, He’s been on the bottle since a baby, I'm the landlord of the Inn in Aberfoyle, Skipper of the Mercantile Marine, Corporal McDougall, Daft Sandy
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