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Stanley Holloway - Petticoat Lane - VAR68

Stanley Holloway - Petticoat Lane CD
Stanley Holloway had a long stage career which was massively revived in 1956 when he took the part of Alfred Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Following success in this role he revived and recorded a number of Music Hall songs in his own inimitable style, which are included on the CD.
Track Listing:
Join in the Chorus (Orchestral Introduction)
Lily of Laguna
Any Old Iron?
While Strolling in the Park
The Honeysuckle and the Bee
Wot Cher! (Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road)
Down at the Old Bull and Bush
If I should plant a Tiny Seed of Love
Where did You get that Hat?
If You were the only Girl in the World
The Galloping Major
Two Lovely Black Eyes
Let's all go down the Strand
Hello! Hello! Who's your Lady Friend
The Little Shirt my Mother made for Me
You can do a lot of Things at the Seaside
I live in Trafalgar Square
I'm shy Mary Ellen, I'm shy
Oh! I must go Home tonight
The Spaniard that blighted my Life
My Old Dutch
My Word, You do look Queer!
The Parson of Puddle
The King who wanted Jam for Tea
I thought mebbe I would - an' I did
Sweeney Todd the Barber
Dark Girl dressed in Blue
Petticoat Lane
My Missus
The Rude Sailor
It'll all be the Same (A 100 Years from Now)

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Listen to part of a sample track - Dark Girl Dressed in Blue

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