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Dorrie Dene
The Indescribable (VAR67)

Dorrie Dene is remembered today for her performance of "Twiddling the Knobs on the Radio." However this single song doesn't do justice to the range of her perfomances. Given the title "The Indescribable", she was described as having a spice of Ella Retford, a dash of Ethel Levey, and at times a voice that is Clara Butt like. Her record company Vocalion said of her "Miss Dene possesses the rare faculty of "letting herself go" when recording, and thus gets the whole of her humorous and forceful personality into both sides of the disc."

Track Listing

Bam Bam Bammy Shores
I would like to know WHY!
No Man's Mama
Nobody loves a Fat Girl
Only to fade away
Wunga Bunga Boo
A Wonderful Week of Love
Oh lor lummy ain't it cold
Sing us an English Song
Trying to forget
How I got on the Stage - and Off
It made You happy when You made Me cry
My Next Door Neighbour
I'm fading away
I want to get thin
It's altogether different
I couldn't desert the Guides
Naughty old Man of Madrid
Twiddling with the Knobs on the Radio
And He likes it (Two versions)
I may be a Lady (Two versions)

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How I got on the Stage - and Off

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