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Max Miller - Confessions of a Cheeky Chappie (VAR5)

Max Miller CD
Max Miller was one the top Variety comedians of the 1930s and 1940s. Whilst there have been a number of re-issues of Max Miller's live performances which he recorded for HMV around the time of World War II, it is not intended to repeat these here. Lesser known are his studio recordings, which Max made for Rex and later HMV during the 1930s. Whilst missing the immediate audience reaction of the live recordings, these tracks allow us to listen to a number of different sides of Max's stage personality. The songs and patter, written almost entirely by Max himself, epitomise the "Cheeky Chappie."

25 Tracks, all Studio recordings, electrically recorded between 1935 and 1941.

Track Listing:
Confessions of a Cheeky Chappie (Parts 1 & 2), Max the Auctioneer (Parts 1 & 2),
The woman improver, Mary from the Dairy, Ophelia, Down in the valley, Backscratcher, Impshe, Why should the dustman get it all?, You can't blame me, Weeping willow, You can't go away like that, The old oak tree, Put it down, The windmill, La-de-da, I never thought that she'd do that to me, Let's all have a charabanc ride, Annie the farmer's daughter, She said she wouldn't, I'm the only bit of comfort that she's got, The girls who work where I work, She'll never be the same again
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Listen to part of a sample track - Annie, the Farmer's Daughter

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