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Ronald Frankau
Upper Class Love (VAR4)

Ronald Frankau is remembered today for his series of somewhat risque songs which he performed with his accompanist Monte Crick. His style has been described as being a cross between Max Miller and Noel Coward, with a hint of Harry Fragson. The CD starts with a satirical apos;Introductionapos; from Ronald Frankau where he considers the lapses of taste and morality in the Entertainment world.

The songs, some considered somewhat shocking at the time, now give a fascinating and amusing insight into the mores of a certain class of society in the 1930s. 24 Tracks, electrically recorded between 1929 and 1940.

Track Listing

A Protest
In a Perfectly Lovely Park
Nothing Ever Happens to Some Girls
They Have a Much Better Time When They're Naughty
I'd like to Have a Honeymoon with Her
She Doesn't Only Get You With Her Beauty
You've Got To Pay For Everything You Get
Let's Keep The Party Clean
She Hit Him On The Head With A Hammer
Don't Pretend To Be Innocent
The Preparatory School
the Public School & the Varsity
Everyone's Got Sex Appeal For Someone
What Every Girl Ought To Know
My Intentions Were Absolutely Pure
I'd Rather Be A Savage
Remember The Cyclists of Britain
Lady Be Bad
Freddie's Got A Lot To Learn
It's An Over-Rated Pastime
The Daughter Of Bo-Bo The Great
And They Lived Unhappily Ever After
Upper Class Love
Every Evening's Nothing Like The Last
Through A Momentary Loss Of Self Control

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A momentary Loss of Self Control

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