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Ernest Hastings - The Seaside Posters (CDR72)

Ernest Hastings CD
Ernest Hastings was described as England's Greatest Entertainer at The Piano. His songs bear testimony to that claim with such favourites as My Word, you do look queer. His style of humour has worn well in his witty songs from the 1920s.
Track Listing:
My Word, You do look Queer
A Soldiers Reminiscences
Iíve heard a Rumour
The Future Variety Show
Mother always sends the Very Thing
The Military Representative
Ever since He pelmanised
Seaside Posters
Muldoon's Ball
The Village Blacksmith
And yet I don't know
Gerrard 64
Oh dear what can the matter be
Song of the Ford
A Happy Married Man
My Family
After Thoughts
The Roast Beef of Old England
Nothing over Sixpence in the Store
The Nut Brown Ale of England
In my Young Days
Lovely Music
Perverted Placards

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Nut Brown Ale of England

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