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Fragson - Ladies Beware (CDR71)

Fragson CD
Harry Fragson managed a successful career as a music hall artiste in both France and Britain. His most famous song was Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend, but he composed a number of other songs which he performed in his own vigourous style. He died prematurely, after he was shot by his father in Paris.
Track Listing:
Don’t say goodbye
The Band Box Girl
Canoodling Waltz
Whispers of Love
Ladies beware
Billy Brown
The Employment Agency
Oh I say
Paper Bag Cookery
The Other Department please!
Come to Lunch
All the Girls are lovely at the Seaside
In Gay Paree
Baby's Box of Toys
Songs and Operas in Ragtime
Hello who’s your Lady Friend
Since Sister Mary went to Gay Paree
Music Hall Shakespeare
Hitchy Koo
Pures comme Les Anges
Le Toutou Ruse
Mimi Taxi
Hop Eh Ah Do Ohe
Dernière Chanson

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Oh I Say

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