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Jock Mills - Parading in Our Tartan (CDR66)

Jock Mills CD
Jock Mills was a popular scottish comedian whose recorded output spanned the years 1906 to 1916. One of his most famous songs was "The Suffragee" which was his riposte to the Suffragette movement of the time. Successful throughout the UK and beyond, in his later years he retired from the stage and became the landlord of Jock Mills' Bar in Glasgow.
Track Listing:
We all go parading in our Tartan;
Mary Maclean;
Mary McIndoe;
Roderick McKenzie;
The Heather Hills O’ Oban;
Ma Own Wee Dearie;
Mary McIntyre;
Jess from Inverness;
Ye’re always welcome here;
Scotch Medley (As Jack Mills);
Hooch Hooch;
Number Wan;
The Explorer;
Limerick Limerick;
Oh Mr McKie;
I’ll never smile again;
The Lokal Candidate;
The Suffragee;
On the Day King George is crowned;
Girls in Bonnie Scotland;
Macgregor’s Trip to London;
Will You no come back to Bonnie Scotland?;
We’re a’ Scotch Here;

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Listen to part of a sample track - The Suffragee

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