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Daisy Taylor - Popsy Wopsy (CDR65)

Daisy Taylor CD
Daisy Taylor was one of the top Scottish Music Hall Artistes of the early 20th Century. She left a legacy of fine recordings but sadly she only lived until the age of 36 years. Popular throughout the United Kingdom, she also toured in America and South Africa. Reticent lovers and bagpipes play a part in her songs - for example You can't Make Music with That relating to the problems from a student bagpipe player.
Track Listing:

Sandy, Take hold of my Hand
Popsy Wopsy
Hey Ho! Canít You hear the Steamer?
You canít make Music with That!
Archie, don't be so Stiff and Starchy!
Iíll make You want Me
Algernon, Go Hon!
Iím coming back to Bonnie Scotland
Make your mind up Maggie Mackenzie
Beautiful Baby Doll
Take Advice from One Who knows
Sergeant Macadoo
Everybody loves our Baby
Youíre here and Iím there (with Jack Charman)
Letís pretend Weíre married (with Jack Charman)
Love me while the Loviní is Good (with Jack Charman)
When theyíve wound the watch up on the rhine (with Jack Charman)
Weíve been married just one year (with Jack Charman)
Iíve got everything I want but you (with Jack Charman)
Sandy, Take hold of my Hand (Alternative Version)
Popsy Wopsy (Alternative Version)
Letís pretend Weíre married (Alternative Version)
Iíll make You want Me (Alternative Version)
Algernon, Go Hon! (Alternative Version)

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Listen to part of a sample track - Sandy, Take hold of my Hand

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