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Harry Champion - Funny Little Bob Tailed Coat - (CDR56)

Harry Champion CD
This third Harry Champion CD includes 25 newly reissued songs as well as different versions of his classic Any Old Iron and Henry the Eighth. The main themes of Harry's songs on this CD feature his appearance and his love of food as in Four Meals a Day. Some of the items on the bill of fare seem strange today - Baked Sheeps Hearts, Trotters, but we all still enjoy Hot Meat Pies and Yorkshire Pudden.
Track Listing:
Henry The Eighth; Funny Little Bob Tailed Coat; A Member of the Force;
Any Old Iron; Have a drop of Gin, Joe; Carroty; Daisy's Daisy Roots;
Hot Meat Pies, Saveloys and Trotters; As large as Life in the Harem;
Where did You get your Bow, Joe; The Old Ham Bone;
I must have a Feather in my Hat; Baked Sheep's Hearts;
Oh Ladies; My looks don't pity Me; Wotcha my Old Brown Son;
You are a Liarty; How are You Mother; Mr Piper, Give Us a Pipe O'Baccy;
Who says London isn't the Country; Four Meals a Day;
Stirring up the Gravy in the Old Tin Pot; My Old Iron Cross;
Work, Boys Work; Samuel Duff; Yorkshire Pudden; That Funny Little Tie

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More songs by Harry Champion are available on CDR27 "Down came the Blind" and CDR3 "Cockney Bill of London Townt"

Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Hot Meat Pies, Saveloys and Trotters

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