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CD Cockney Bill of London Town

Harry Champion
Cockney Bill of London Town (CDR3)

Harry Champion (real name William Crump) was born in Shoreditch, London in 1866 and first appeared in Music Hall at the age of 15. In 1888 he changed his stage name from Will Conray, and with a wide repertoire of songs, many of them sung at breakneck speed, he became one of music hall's most successful artists. Harry Champion continued working into his seventies and died in London in January 1942. The CD contains 28 tracks, transferred from original 78 rpm records which were made between 1910 - 1936.

Track Listing

Any Old Iron*
Boiled beef and carrots
You don't want to keep on showing it
Don't do it again Matilda
Ginger You're Barmy
Never let your braces dangle
Cover it over quick Jemima
I'm Henry the VIII
Let's have a basin of soup
Standard Bread
You ought to see the Missus in a Harem skirt
I'm getting ready for my Mother-in-Law
The Old Dun Cow caught fire
I'm proud of my old bald head
Home made sausages
Ragtime Ragshop
I'm William the Conqueror
You can't help laughing can yer? Little bit of cucumber
Doctor Shelley
Hey Diddle Diddle
Cockney Bill of London Town
I enjoyed it
Everybody knows me in my old brown hat
A good blow out for fourpence
The Old Red Lion
The end of my old cigar
Best that money can buy.
* This is a short version of this song, an alternative longer versions plus more songs by Harry Champion are available on CDR27 "Down came the Blind" and CDR56 "Funny Little Bob Tailed Coat"

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Horn Gram
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Im Hen-e-ry the VIIIth

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