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Jack Lorimer - The Hielan' Laddie - (CDR51)

Jack Lorimer CD
Jack Lorimer, sometimes billed as Jock Lorimer, was one of the top Scottish music hall artistes of the 1900s. Coming from a musical family, Jack became popular throughout the English speaking world, with major tours in America where he was piped through the streets. Jack Lorimer assumed various characters on stage including a Chinese scotsman dressed in pigtail and kilt in his song Ching a Ling Hooch Aye.

Perhaps simply remembered today as the father of that great comedian Max Wall, Jack Lorimer's recordings have stood the test of time and form a great legacy.

Track Listing:
My Hieland Laddie Oh!; I’ve just come up for a Day; You’re always teasing Me;
Three Jolly Scotsmen ; When We went to London ; McDougall’s Ball; She’s a Braw Lass ;
A Wee Aberdonian ; Scotch and Polly; Finnon Haddie;
Mrs Sandy McIntyre; MacGregor, I’m him; Jonathan Jock McKenzie;
Heilan Sandy; Hussars; Maggie McIndoo; Jessie Dear; D'ye ken Bonnie Mary;
Ching a Ling Hooch Aye; Jock McPherson; Oh, Sandy; A Man’s a Man for a’ that;
The Seaside Promenade; Drop in and have a wee Drappie; A Funny Little Hieland Man;
Gay Ostend; The Scotch Sailor; Wee MacGregor

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Listen to part of a sample track - Three Jolly Scotsmen

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