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Charles Austin  CD

Charles Austin
Parker P.C. - (CDR50)

Charles Austin claimed his great success with his comical police character Parker PC. Initially a mimic and singer of humourous songs, he produced a number of sketches which toured the halls during the early 20th Century and many of these are included on this CD.
He was known as "The King of Cockney Humour"

Track Listing

Ugh Ooh; I've only been married a week; I'm Much Better Looking
Parker P.C.: Hold 'em Police Station Scene
Parker P.C.: Let 'em go Police Station Scene
Parker's Progress: Swell Street Police Station Scene;
Parker's Progress: Cosmopolitan Club Raid Scene;
Parker's Appeal: Wanted for the Army;
Parker's Appeal: Before the Tribunal
Parker at the Derby
Parker's Christening
Parker at Wembley
Poor Parker
Parker P.C.: Ah-Ho!(Alternative recording)
Parker P.C.:I've only been married a week (Alternative recording)

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I've only been married a week

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