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Olly Oakley  CD

Olly Oakley
Banjo Burlesque & Bolero - (CDR46)

Olly Oakley was the most famous banjo player of his day. Appearing at concerts and on the Music Halls during the early 1900s, Olly Oakley's name became synonymous with the banjo. As his style of playing proved ideal for the acoustic recording technology of the day, he was much in demand from the record and phonograph companies. In 1901 Olly Oakley signed a contract with the Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd which resulted in many of the recordings on this CD.

Track Listing

Rugby Parade March
Queen of the Burlesque
The Yeoman's Call
King Cotton March
The Columbian March
Whistling Rufus
The Coons Parade
The Dandy Fifth
Lumbrin Luke
Poppies and Wheat
Oakleigh Quick Step
Darktown Dandies
An Ethiopian Carnival
The Sweep's Intermezzo
El Capitain
Stars and Stripes
Torchlight Parade
The Darkey's Awakening
A Dusky Belle
The Coloured Major March
National Airs
The Drum Major
Banjo Oddity

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Horn Gram
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The Coons Parade

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