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Ernest Shand  CD

Ernest Shand
Daily Mirror Front Page - (CDR45)

Ernest Shand is today rather neglected as a music hall performer, but in his time he was one of the top stars. Starting in the theatre, he was an immediate success when, in 1899, he first appeared on the Halls. Although his recordings seem to have survived in quite small numbers, they give a great account of the many faces of this distinctive performer.

Track Listing

Daily Mirror Front Page
Short Stories
The Bachelor

The M.P
Voluntary Contributions
The Last Pub
Poor Noah Moore

The Husband's Strike
We really had a most Delightful Evening
That broke up the Party

In America
The Ragtime Curate
The Orator
By the Sea
Lloyd Jarge

In a Case like that, Donít Wait
I went on my Way Rejoicing

Bonus Tracks: At the Seaside
Oh! Isnít it Singular!

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Horn Gram
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Daily Mirror Front Page

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