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Harry Weldon - The White Hope (CDR40)

Harry Weldon CD
Harry Weldon initially came to fame as part of Fred Karno's Company when he played opposite Charlie Chaplin in the sketch "The Football Match". Harry Weldon then used the character of Stiffy, the Goal Keeper, as the mainstay of his solo act. Other characters developed including his boxing skit "The White Hope".

Harry Weldon had a unique style, and frequently used the conductor of the orchestra as an extra part in his performance. Harry Weldon's conversational style and his use of the absurd makes him very accessible today.

Track Listing:
Stiffy, the Goalkeeper; Jack Sheppard; The Police will have me before long; He’s a Pro; On the Road to Ruin; Pedigrees; The Pastoral Song; The White Hope; ‘S No Use; Sleuthy, the Dread of the Heads; Cowboy (Dawson City); Tyrolean Song; I can’t get away from my Ancestors; ‘S too Old, ‘S too Old, Sickening, ‘S too Old; Somebody’s Baby; So long, Sally; Back, Back to Alabam’; The Bullfighter; The Policeman; Stiffy, the Warder - more track info . . .

Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Stiffy, the Goalkeeper

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