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Jay Laurier
Let's have a Jolly Good Cry (CDR39)

Don't let the title put you off - these are not sad songs. Jay Laurier had a wide ranging career from Solo Comic to Shakespearian actor. The songs on this CD include some of Jay Laurier's stage patter, which gives a period feel to the performances. A contemporary reviewer of Jay's song Swim, Sam, Swim claimed: This big voiced comedian whose claims to coyness are sometimes belied by the breezy virile voice "gets over" smartly in this diverting ditty. You'll laugh.
That's what they thought about Jay Laurier then and hopefully you will too today, some 90 years later.

Track Listing

I'm always doing something silly
Silly Billy Brown
I can't keep the Flies off my Lunch
Get away, You're kidding
I want Something to practice on
Swim Sam Swim
Shall Us? Let's
Top Hole
And it was
Why is Cecil selling Seashells?
Wait till I've finished my Orange
There's a Cow in a Field over there
I like kissing
Let's have a jolly good Cry
One of the Lightweights
"He" Cats and "She" Cats
Don't let 'em scrap the British Navy
Olga Petrovski
I'm a disappointed Married Man
His is a fine Phiz, His is
Get upon a Puff-Puff
Nine Inch Nails

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Silly Billy Brown

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