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Victoria Monks - I wish I had a pal like you (CDR36)

Victoria Monks CD
Victoria Monks, billed as "John Bull's Girl" had a dedicated following in the music hall which has been continued by collectors of the original recordings to this day. Although Victoria Monks never recorded her most popular song "Won't you come home Bill Bailey", her other recordings more than compensate.
Track Listing:
Ain’t yer gwine say How-Do, Ain't I no use Mr Jackson, Call round any old time, Come along Little Girl, Don’t tell your pals your troubles, Give my regards to Leicester Square, Hullo! Miss London, I wish I had a Pal like You, I’m leaving home, If you want to have a row, Judgement Day, Victoria Monk's Love Song, My Little Eva, Open the door, Pompeii,Say Hello, Old Man, Sweet Saturday Night , Take me back to London Town, Vickey Glide, You might shake hands.
Some songs have alternative recordings included making 28 tracks in total.

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Listen to part of a sample track - Say Hello Old Man

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