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Minstrels - Songs of the Old Plantation (CDR35)

Minstrels - Songs of the Old Plantation CD
Minstrel Shows were one of the most popular entertainments of the Victorian Era. The humour was of a gentle nature which appealed to those who might never enter a music hall. The CD includes harmony songs such as Massa’s in de cold cold ground and Carry me back to Old Virginia, written by Stephen Foster and James Bland, major songwriters at the time. The Haydn Quartette, an American harmony vocal group, visited England in 1902 to make recordings and many of the tracks originate from this time.

A flavour of the style of the minstrel show is given in the later tracks which were studio interpretations made at the time.

Note: Certain words and sentiments within the songs and titles, considered innocent at the time of recording, may nowadays cause offence but are reproduced in the interests of authenticity.

Track Listing:
Haydn Quartette: Massa’s in de cold cold ground, Carry me back to Old Virginia, Mandy Lee, Don’t yer cry ma Honey, Old Black Joe, Little Alabama Coon, Louisiana Lou, Darling Nellie Gray, Old Folks at Home, The Reception Medley, Annie Laurie, The Cornfield Medley, My Creole Sue, The Steamboat Medley, In the Evening by the Moonlight, Home Sweet Home.
The Minster Singers: Oh! Dem Golden Slippers, De Ole Banjo, Good-night,
Zonophone Minstrels: Far Away Ober Dare, Ding, Dong, Ding
Victor Minstrels: An Evening with The Minstrels No1, An Evening with The Minstrels No2, An Evening with The Minstrels No3, An Evening with The Minstrels No4
The Coontown Minstrels: Tom Birchmore, Cornerman, “Massa”, Tom Birchmore, Cornerman, “Dixie”,
American Comedy Four: Kentucky Baby
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Listen to part of a sample track - My Darling Nellie Gray

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