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Billy Merson - The Spaniard That Blighted My Life(CDR24)

Billy Merson CD
Billy Merson was a man of many talents. He had an excellent voice unusually combined with acting and acrobatic skills. He appeared in both Music Hall and Review and was for a time manager of the Shaftesbury theatre. His character songs are full of wit and with lively tunes soon become etched in the memory. All his most famous songs together with some lesser known numbers are included on this 26 track CD.
Track Listing:
Out on the Prairie (Spoken Introduction), Out on the Prairie, If I catch Alfonso tonight (w. Beatrice Allen), It's going to be a serious thing for England, Take an old woman's advice, I'm setting the Village on fire, Back to my Home in the Mountains, They can't find Kelly, Since Father retired, I'm so spiteful, The Spaniard that blighted my life, Don't sing in Ragtime, The Yacht I've not got, The Gay Cavalier, I'm going away, A Prairie life for me, Chinese Tango Trot, Senora, Opera de Merson, The night I appeared as Macbeth, In the Days when Knights were bold, The Photo of the Girl I left behind, Madam Anita Peroxide, The Gondolier, The Gladiator, Good ship Yacki-Hicki-Doo-La - more track info . . .

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Listen to part of a sample track - Out on the Prairie

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