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Gertie Gitana - Sweet Nellie Dean (CDR23)

Gertie Gitana CD
Gertie Gitana, billed as "The Star that never fails to shine" had a sweet voice and was said to have something of a flighty manner. A pretty and feminine lady, she enjoyed a cult following.
Her best known song "Nellie Dean" is here presented in two versions, the first before it became something of a drunkard's anthem. Many of the other songs with which she is associated are included on this 23 track CD.
Track Listing:
Silver Bell, Iola, You were coming thro' the corn, Molly dear, Nellie Dean, When the Harvest moon is shining sweet Eileen, Sweet Caroline , Yesterday you called me Sweetheart, Strolling with my Mary down the lane, Never Mind, My dear Marie, Mein Schnieder, There's a Cottage in Ballymahone, Violette, Nobody else but you, My Dusky Princess, Once upon a time, Dinna Forget, Meet me by Moonlight, Mary, We've been Chums for Fifty years, I'll dream of you, Imitation of a Dutch girl singing "Yaaka Hula", Silver Bell (later version), Nellie Dean (later version). - more track info . . .

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Listen to part of a sample track - Nellie Dean

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