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Vesta Victoria and Vesta Tilley - The Vesta Box(CDR19)

Windyridge CD
This CD celebrates two famous artists who shared the same first names. Their styles could not have been more different. Vesta Victoria played the part of a girl whose love affairs often go wrong. Vesta Tilley (known as The London Idol) is famous to this day as a male impersonator. This CD includes many of their famous songs.

More songs by these artists are also available on CDR32 - From the Footlights

Track Listing:
Vesta Victoria: Waiting at the Church (My Wife wonít let Me), On a Motor Car, It ainít all Honey and it ainít all Jam, I've told his Missus all about Him, The next Horse I ride on , Don't sing the Chorus, Now I have to call him Father , Poor Old Adam,
Vesta Tilley: The King of the House is Baby, One of the Midnight Sons, Introduce Me to the Lady , Monty from Monte Carlo, Letís make a Night of it Tonight, Aunt Matilda, Jolly Good Luck to the Girl Who loves a Soldier, The Army of Today's Alright, There's a Good Time Coming for the Ladies, What a Nut !, Where are the Girls of the Old Brigade , It's a Fine Time for a Soldier, Iím a bit of a Blighty One, Sidneyís in Civvies again, The Seaside Smile, - more track info . . .
Listen to part of a sample track - Vesta Tilley - The Army of Today's Alright

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