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Gracie Fields - "Live" - VAR94

Gracie Fields - CD - VAR94

Gracie Fields was one of the top Variety entertainers of the 20th Century. On this CD are captured live recordings from some of her performances. These include Live at the Holborn Empire (from the alternative Regal Zonophone set), and a unique recording made when she opened the Kilburn State in 1937. To celebrate her four millionth record, HMV arranged a special lunch at The Trocadero in London. The Invitations were sent out in the form of a special record, and the menu at the lunch was also in the form of a record, both of which are included in this CD. A private recording made in 1960 (possibly by her manager) shows her vitality even towards the end of her long career.

Gracie Fields 78

Track Listing:
Gracie in The Theatre (Live at the Holborn Empire):
There's a Cabin in the Pines/Whiskers and All/
Punch and Judy Show/Rochdale Hounds/May Morn/
Out in the Cold, Cold Snow/I can't remember/Sally/
Stormy Weather/Final Speech
Invitation to the Press Lunch (Talking)
A Musical Menu (The Day we gave Our Lancashire Do)
The Opening of the Kilburn State, (Live):
Walter/Three Green Bonnets
Gracie with the Troops (Live):
Run Rabbit run/If you were the only boy in the World/
There'll always be an England/
The Old Lady from Armentieres/
The Biggest Aspidistra in the World/
Wish me Luck as you wave me goodbye
Our Gracie with the Boys in France (Live):
Sing as we go/I never cried so much/An Old Violin/
When I grow too old to dream/Walter/
I'm sending a letter to Santa Claus/
Wish me Luck as you wave me Goodbye
Our Gracie with the Airforce (Live):
FDR Jones/Please leave my Butter alone/Romany/
The Bells of St Mary's/O come all Ye faithful
Our Gracie with the Navy (Live):
They can't ration Love/Christopher Robin/I hear a Dream/
Out in the Cold Cold Snow/Red Sails in the Sunset
BBC (Light Programme) London Lights (Live):
Intro/Sally/He forgot to come back/Somebody/
What's the good of a Birthday/In Jerusalem/
Smile when you say Goodbye
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Whiskers and All

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