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Betty Bolton - My Private Affair - VAR92

Betty Bolton CD
Betty Bolton took part in the early televison broadcasts from Alexandra Palace using the Baird 30 line system. With a career spanning dance band vocalist, torch singer and comedienne, she recorded songs across these genres during the late 1920s and early 1930s. Her most famous recording was the rather risque "She jumped on her Push Bike and pedalled away"
Track Listing:
My Private Affair
Everything I do, I do for You
Evening Star, Help Me find My Man
Ready for the River
Me and the Man in the Moon
The Wedding of the Painted Doll *
Wake up Chill'un, Wake up *
I'm thirsty for Kisses, Hungry for Love
It wasn't meant to be
Peace of Mind
Smiling Irish Eyes
Wishing and waiting for Love
Dream Lover
I like to do Things for You
A Man of My Own
If your Kisses can't hold the Man You love ^
Oh how He looks at Me
Please Percy (Don't Do It now)
Ten Cents a Dance
She jumped on her Push Bike (and pedalled away)
The Party's getting Rough
The Mocking bird went Cuckoo
He's dead but He won't lie down
Don't go any higher Jeremiah
I'm a Lady Policeman
I shan't bring Him Home any more

* Vocalist with Ray Starita and His Ambassadors Band
^ Vocalist with The Four Bright Sparks

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - She jumped on her Push Bike (and pedalled away)

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